6 Marketing Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Use

Date created 06 13 2018, 14:40

6 Marketing Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Use



Nowadays hardly can you find anyone who is looking for something to buy in newspapers. Even board advertising is seen as dated unless it oozes creativity and pops up every now and then from any corner.


The modern promotion has become digital and the most effective ways of advancing your business is through the Internet. Thus, it is crucial for real estate agents to use social media and other online channels in marketing as it enables them to be on the same wave with their potential buyers.



1. Always Make Your Listings Look Amazing

In the web your main task will be catching the eye of your customer with an attractive picture.

Remove the clutter, hire a professional photographer, upload a video, order virtual staging or hire a stager (if you’re a conservative kind), get a 3D tour – do whatever it takes for a top listing and all of that actions will pay off.


2. Use Instagram

The social media is widely considered to be helpful for agents to advertise themselves and find potential clients there.

If you want to keep up with latest tendencies, you cannot go without Instagram. It is easily accessed on any devices, which is super convenient for those who are always on the go.


3. Post in Facebook

Why use Facebook if all the stunning photos are already uploaded on Instagram? The answer is simple; it still stays a leader among the other social networks with more than 2 billion users worldwide.

Use your profile not just for presenting your new listings but also for creating your image. Repost, write blogs, contact your clients, and just be yourself - customers tend to turn to the leaders who manage to add their personal identity.


4. Twitter 

With popularizing of Twitter messaging has become much more laconic, which means that you have to put all the necessary info into a couple of words. It can become a great part of your campaign, as it doesn’t take you long to read a tweet usually provided with a link to your listing and react to it.

Don’t forget to use hashtags to make your post easily found. When you deal with customers oriented on buying you need to be easily achievable.


5. Share Your Projects on LinkedIn

Become visible on a professional market with a specially created platform for that.

To be noticed you can also post interesting articles and relevant news to make your profile more popular. Keep others informed about your latest listings and updates.


6. Real Estate Marketing Platforms

Finally, use all the real estate listing platforms – you never know where you will find your next client.

The mechanism is simple; the more you advertise property, the more potential buyers contact you. Now you just need to pick up the phone!